Korean Super Junior Fans Express Undying Frustration After Member Sungmin And His Wife Appear On TV Together

For years, K-ELFs have been asking for his official removal from the group.

Long-time Super Junior fans know: Back in 2014, when member Sungmin tied the knot with musical actress Kim Sa Eun

Super Junior’s Sungmin | @_liustudio_/Instagram

… the news was not well received with blessings and confetti. In fact, his alleged “failure to communicate his marriage plans with the fans” eventually led to a full-on boycott

Kim Sa Eun (left) with Sungmin (right). | Twitter

… which has, basically, halted his official promotion with the group since.

Super Junior | @weeklyidol_/Twitter

Yet, in a recent episode of Miss Trot 2 — a TV show in which his wife Kim Sa Eun is participating as a competitor, Sungmin briefly appeared escorting her to the studio and was mentioned as “Super Junior’s Sungmin“.

Kim Sa Eun and Sungmin showed off their happily-wed chemistry on camera…

… but Korean Super Junior fans expressed their frustration with Sungmin (and ultimately SM Entertainment) for “letting him use the Super Junior name for clout when he hasn’t promoted as an official part of the group in years“.

One fan pointed out how the show “filtered out the group name as S**** Junior’s Sungmin“…

“Her husband is S**** Junior’s Sungmin”. | TV Chosun

… and criticized him for “being nothing but a nuisance at this point“.

What is the need to stay a part of Super Junior if he can’t even be Super Junior’s Sungmin? Like, wouldn’t he rather move on with his life vs. be called “S**** Junior’s Sungmin”? Let the group go… and the fans will let you go too.

— Korean ELF

These fans insisted it is the “unnecessary association” that they no longer want — when Sungmin has not been “a part of the group“, technically.

It’s no wonder TV Chosun decided to mention Super Junior and Sungmin together. Look at the reaction it has triggered. I bet, for as long as his wife is on the show, they’re going to keep referring to her in association with “Super Junior’s Sungmin”. But like, why though. How the heck is he “Super Junior’s Sungmin” still? He hasn’t been a real part of the group forever. This is not fair to the fans who want nothing to do with him. I hope he isn’t getting paid for Super Junior’s activities. That would actually tip me over the edge.

— Korean ELF

It is unclear why Miss Trot 2 decided to censor out the group name the way it did — especially when Sungmin is indeed still a part of Super Junior. But it has inevitably fueled that undying debate among ELFs.

Watch Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun on Miss Trot 2 here.

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