Korean Teen in the U.S. Passed Away From COVID-19 After Being Refused Treatment for Not Having Insurance

His father was later turned away by the hospital as well.

The first teenage death in the U.S. resulting from COVID-19 has been confirmed to be a man of Korean nationality.

According to The Sun, the teenage man who passed away after suffering from COVID-19 in California was William Hwang (17), whose nationality was Korean.

Hwang, who decided in Los Angeles, visited a hospital after noticing COVID-19 symptoms, but he was refused treatment for not having medical insurance.

He passed away on the very same day.

It’s predicted that his passing was caused by COVID-19, but the police stated that they were investigating to confirm it. It was later revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19 following his passing.

The mayor later announced, “Hwang visited the hospital to receive urgent treatment, but they sent him away to another hospital because he didn’t have medical insurance. On his way to another hospital, Hwang suffered from a heart attack. By the time he got to the hospital, it was too late.

The family of Hwang expressed that they didn’t know their son’s death was caused by COVID-19. Hwang’s father also explained that he went to the hospital to be examined for COVID-19, but that they simply sent him home and instructed him to put himself in self-isolation.

Source: Dispatch

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