Korean Remake Version Of “Breaking Bad” Reportedly Already Planned For 4 Seasons

What will the Korean version be like?

A Korean version of popular American drama Breaking Bad is reportedly in the works with four seasons in the planning stage.

According to an exclusive report from Hankyeoreh, an unknown production company is in the works preparing for a Korean remake version of Breaking Bad.

A production company is producing the Korean version of Breaking Bad. Director Lee Chang Yeol is leading the production of season 1.

— Insider

It has also been reported that four seasons are in the planning stages and they are also in the final stages of casting the lead roles. The platform that the remake will be aired on has not yet been decided.

Lee Chang Yeol is a movie director who previously worked on the movies A Song for My DearSouth of EdenHappy Together, and Trick. Breaking Bad is a series that tells the story of a chemistry teacher who turns to a life of crime, producing methamphetamine to make sure his family has financial security after his death. While doing so, he has to navigate the world that is dealing with drugs and crime.

Source: Hankyeore