Korean Viewers Outraged By A Racist Line From Netflix’s “Sex Education” Season 2 Trailer

“… tastes like kimchi,” he said.

When Netflix announced the second season of its popular original series Sex Education and released an official trailer on January 7, 2020, Korean viewers got super excited. The show was, as much as it was in the UK and the United State, a huge success in Korea under its localized title of Otis’s Secret Consultation Agency.


Unfortunately, Korean viewers have caught what they are now calling a “racist joke” in the trailer — which has actually been removed from the Korean version of the same trailer — and have become outraged by the “insensitivity”. In the official trailer, one of the characters tell Otis the main male lead, that his “cum tastes like kimchi”.


The script has deeply offended Korean viewers, who are especially agitated by the fact that they removed the specific part from the Korean version of the trailer. They’re actively accusing Netflix of having been aware of the racist nature of that particular line but included it anyway.

  • “If it really isn’t a big deal then why was the line cut from the Korean version trailer?”
  • “They’ve gone mad.”
  • “Isn’t it offensive because they used the word kimchi to mean something disgusting?”
  • “I want to know why that line was cut from the Korean trailer. If there was nothing shady about it, it would have been included. How weird.”
  • “I don’t understand people who don’t understand our reactions to this.”
  • “Read the context. The dude is saying that his cum tastes like shit by comparing it to kimchi. That doesn’t offend you? It’s obviously belittling.”


Angry Korean viewers have flooded the comments section of the official trailer and some have even declared to “boycott” the second season of the show. Meanwhile, no statement has come from the show yet.


Here’s the controversial official trailer (with the line at 0:38):


And here’s the Korean version for comparison:

Source: THEQOO