Korean Virtual Influencer Rozy’s Fashion Advertisements Criticized For Looking Too Fake

A virtual influencer being criticized for looking…fake?

We’ve already been introduced to Korean virtual influencer Rozy. She made her “debut” in August 2020 on Instagram. It was revealed that she was developed by Sidus Studio X and had fooled many people into thinking she was human at first. Who can blame them? Rozy’s social media looks exactly like a real girl’s.

| @rozy.gram/Instagram

In fact, it was reported that Rozy was sweeping in the money from her appearance in various advertisements. She’s advertised for brands such as Shinhan Life, Maison Margiela, Calvin Klein and more. Check out her video advertisement for Shinhan Life below.

With over 9.7 million views, Rozy’s impact is definitely a force to be reckoned with. However, her recent advertisements for fashion brand Jill Stuart has recently been not so well-received.

Rozy advertised for their 2021 F/W collection.

| Jill Stuart
| Jill Stuart

She was dressed in the trending teenager style in South Korea.

| Jill Stuart

The adorable bags are sure to appeal to the younger crowd.

| Jill Stuart

However, this is one of the first few times that Rozy is receiving criticism for looking awkward and fake.

  • “It’s weird… Gives me a bad feeling.”
  • “It’s so awkward. Definitely when you watch commercials, because there’s motion, she looks less awkward.”
  • “It’s unnatural but at least since she’s a virtual person, she won’t sabotage herself (with scandals).”
  • “Her forehead looks like an Avatar. It might be passable as a real human if they pay some attention to that part.”
  • “The photo where her eyes are closed are kind of awkward.”

Many others commented about her vacant eyes and the general unappealing vibes of the advertisement, calling for the brand to replace her with a real human. Perhaps technology still needs to be improved a little more, before AIs can truly replace humans.


Source: theqoo