Korean Woman Residing in France Suffers Violent Racial Attack on the Subway

“I respect you, Chinese person. I respect Kim Jong Un. You eat all kinds of crazy stuff. Dogs and cats!” – Man on Subway

A YouTube channel called LilaLila recently shared a video of a racial attack that took place in France, and it’s going viral online.

The YouTuber explained that she is currently working in France on a working holiday visa and expressed that racism is becoming more and more severe.

I’ve been working in Nice, France on a working holiday visa for 11 months now. As you probably know, racism against Asians has been getting worse since COVID-19 hit. This video shows a racial attack I suffered on the subway.

– LilaLila

In the video, a man could be seen muttering, “Chinese” while laughing with a group of friends.

And when the YouTuber confronted the man telling him to stop mocking Chinese people, he answered, “You’re the one spreading the coronavirus.

That’s when the feud escalated.

The YouTuber threatened to film him, and the man gave his permission with the remark,

Go ahead. This disease came from you people. No problem. Film me.

– Man

Once the YouTuber called him out for being racist, the man called her a wh*re and a bi*ch and rambled on about why he wasn’t racist.

I’m not racist, you wh*re. Your name is wh*re. I respect you, Chinese person. I respect Kim Jong Un. You eat all kinds of crazy stuff. Dogs and cats!

– Man

But upon being confronted by another man on the train for his inappropriate behavior, the man walked up to the YouTuber with a changed attitude.

Are you Taiwanese? I’m only asking because I’m confused.

– Man

And when the YouTuber urged him to stay away, the man shouted,

Stop filming! You’re all dogs! Fine, keep filming! I’m a violent person! I can steal your phone if I wanted!

– Man

As soon as the video went viral online, netizens responded with comments such as “As someone who’s also studying abroad in Europe, this makes me tear up“, “That’s so mean. They should know what racism feels like, but they’re taking it out on Asians“, and “That must’ve been so difficult…

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Dispatch