Korean Web Portal Daum To Close Comment Section For Entertainment News

Daum and Kakao will continue to find different methods to avoid future tragedies.

Korean web portal Daum and messenger service Kakao are the first to decide to remove the news comment section.

Kakao’s CEO, who also runs the Daum portal site, held a press conference and stated that they would remove the comment section for entertainment news by the end of this month as well as remove the related search keywords when searching a public figure by the end of this year.


Kakao messenger service will remove the ‘real-time’ issue’ corner on the app as well.

Just after the press conference, the ‘real-time issue’ corner could be not be seen on Kakao, starting at 1 PM KST on October 25.


Kakao explained that excessive malicious comments directed at individuals not only harm the healthy public sphere but also cause serious side effects such as privacy infringement and defamation. They plan to reorganize the platform, including news comments and real-time services, to reduce the side effects.

With Daum and Kakao on board with removing comments, internet users are curious as to whether web portal Naver has made any decisions regarding this issue.


Although Naver has continued to make efforts to find a way to minimize the side effects of malicious comments, they seem to be taking much caution in making a decision.

Many hope that these efforts can avoid future tragedies from happening again.

Source: channel a and hankyung

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