A Korean Webtoon Gains Attention For Its Hilarious Yet Relatable Mention Of BTS’s V

All ARMY can definitely relate to this.

Artists all take inspiration from somewhere. The Korean webtoon, True Beauty, famously based her character for Han Seo Jun on VIINI (also known as Kwon Hyunbin).

Kwon Hyunbin vs. Han Seo Jun. | @viinisupport/Twitter

Recently, a webtoon in Korea gained attention for its mention of BTS‘s V. Although they did not base any character’s likeness on V like with True Beauty, they referred to him in a way that probably resonates with most ARMYs. In chapter 5 of The Empress Lipstick, the “Empress” expresses her regrets about not being able to marry “V oppa“.

“V oppa… I’ll be going ahead first.” | The Empress Lipstick


“I had wanted to marry someone that shines like you…” | The Empress Lipstick

“No, never mind…there is no one in the world that shines like you. But even so, I had wanted to marry someone half as good as you…” | The Empress Lipstick

The “Empress” is really a teenage girl who somehow ended up in the Empress’ body. Lee Jae In is a young girl that dreams of becoming a makeup artist. After she picks up a lipstick, she gets sucked into a mirror and into the body of an aristocrat in another world. Jae In is originally a fan of BTS, which explains her desire to marry V!

We can totally relate to this character! Unfortunately, V doesn’t make any further appearances in the rest of the webtoon.


Source: Nate Pann