Korean Woman “Accidentally” Poisoned At Japanese Restaurant

She later went to the hospital for treatment.

South Korea has asked Japan to investigate an incident where a woman was served water containing bleach.

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A Korean woman with the last name Kang shared that the posing incident took place on August 31. According to Kang, she and her husband visited a high-end restaurant in Tokyo’s Ginza district, where they were served two cups of drinking water at their request.

Ginza district | gotokyo

Kang shared that she noticed a smell after taking the first sip, and by the time she drank from the cup a second time, her throat hurt so much she was “unable to talk properly.”

After the second sip, my throat began to hurt so bad I couldn’t even talk properly.

— Kang

After Kang’s husband complained, a waitress admitted that the water was poured from a container that had bleached mixed in used for cleaning.

Kang was taken to a local hospital after having stomach pain and nausea, where she was diagnosed with acute food poisoning. She later said that the restaurant’s actions while she waited for an ambulance were disrespectful.

As I tried to throw up while I was waiting for the ambulance to arrive, the waitress came up to me and said ‘You should go to the restroom because that seems disrespectful.’

— Kang

The restaurant later issued an apology, in addition to being made to close for four days; however, Kang believes the posing was an intentional hate crime.

The actions of Japan during its occupation of Korea and the atrocities committed during World War II created tension between the two nations that continues to this day.

South Korean embassy in Seoul | Wikidata

According to the JoongAngDaily, the Korean Embassy in Tokyo has requested that police investigate the incident.

Source: SCMP

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