Korean Woman Finds The Nastiest Surprise In Her Beverage… Franchise Cafe Insists They’re Not Responsible

This is some traumatizing stuff. You’ve been warned!

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

When Korean woman A ordered a peachy beverage from a well-known Korean franchise cafe located near a university campus in Busan city, the last thing she expected to find inside it was…

Not the cafe in question. | Michal Parzuchowski/Unsplash

… a cockroach, the size of her pinky.

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According to A, she took the beverage to-go and began drinking it in her dim-lit car. When she was almost done with it though, she noticed that she couldn’t get the rest of the drink out — no matter how hard she sipped on the straw.

Confused, A took a look inside her cup and ended up spotting a dead cockroach inside, squished between the ice cubes.

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That evening, A was rushed to the emergency room because she got sick. She suffered severe stomach pain and nausea throughout the night — likely after she unsuspectingly finished a large portion of her roach-infused drink.

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A claimed that she immediately notified the cafe — both the location where she placed the order and the headquarter. Unfortunately though, the cafe denied being responsible for the nasty surprise. Based on the fact that the cafe did not have any surveillance cameras running at the time, the cafe refused to admit any fault. In fact, the cafe suspected A “to have placed the roach in [her] cup on purpose“.

You could have put it in on purpose. Or it could have went in while you were drinking it outside. There is no way the barista would not have noticed a bug that big.

— Cafe

The headquarter also apologized but did not take responsibility for the incident.

There is no proof that the cockroach came from the cafe. Nothing is for sure. There is nothing we can say about the incident at the moment.

— Headquarter

While the cafe offered to pay her for the hospital visit, A is demanding more than monetary compensation.

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Still suffering from loss of appetite and sleep, A insisted that she’s sharing the traumatizing experience online to “alert the public, during trying times that is the  pandemic“:

Neither the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety nor the provincial office has helped to resolve this matter. The headquarter and the cafe aren’t taking responsibility. It’s a shame for hygiene and sanitation to be overlooked like this in a place that handles food, especially when everyone should be careful now more than ever. I hope this never happens to anyone else.

— A

The internet remains completely baffled and disgusted, with horrified former and current cafe employees suggesting that it is “likely for the cockroach to have come from the ice maker“.

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