Korean Woman Throws A 3-Month-Old Puppy To Its Death

She claims to have done it in a fit of anger.

A Korean woman has thrown a 3-month-old Maltese puppy at a pet store in Gangwon-do and caused the little pet to die.


The woman bought the 3-month-old puppy at around 10 am on February 9th. Approximately 7 hours later, however, she returned to the pet shop demanding a refund because the “puppy ate its own feces.” The pet shop owner explained that while the contract stated that a pet would be exchanged within the guaranteed 10 days if it had enteritis, the measles or congenital disease, it did not include coprophagy (eating feces) and therefore, he asked the woman to wait a little longer. The woman left the pet store as if she was complying with what the pet store owner’s suggestion.

Later that evening, however, she returned to the store with a male acquaintance and demanded a refund within 24 hours. When the pet store owner refused to do so, she threw the puppy at the owner. The puppy hit the owner’s chest and landed on the floor and eventually passed away at 2 am the following day.


The cause of the puppy’s death was a brain hemorrhage. The animal hospital that conducted the test presumed that the puppy received brain trauma after falling when the woman threw it. The pet store owner sent a message to the woman stating that he would be filing a lawsuit against her. But the woman’s reaction was disclaiming, if not accusatory.

Pet Store Owner: It died. I will also be filing a lawsuit for animal abuse and libel.

Woman: You killed it on purpose, didn’t you? I feel worse for the puppies that are sold there. Go ahead and file a libel suit. I’ll file a suit for everything that I can too.

You must’ve thought that I’m easy because I didn’t lose a smile on my face when talking. It turns out, there was another person who was furious because they didn’t receive their 50,000 won deposit. Why are you blaming me when you killed it yourself?

The dogs at my home are all being raised very well with supplements, dried pollack powder and even dog music. All you care about is selling the pets and receiving the money. An elderly man like you shouldn’t be acting like that for a mere 500,000 won. Have some virtue. It’ll all come back to you. A small spark can grow into a fire.

Yesterday, you said you can give me a refund but you’re not going to because you were offended. Let me make myself clear. I’m not going to stand around idle either.

Pet Store Owner: Okay, do whatever you want.

Woman: Yes, I will. You must not know how scary Facebook is these days. As expected of an outdated person. I understand too.


Once the CCTV footage was released, however, the woman’s attitude completely changed and she made a long apology, explaining her actions and confessing that she would reflect upon herself.

I didn’t think the dog would die. I feel terrible about the dog and regret it very much. I became angry at the pet store owner’s statement that he could give me a refund but that he wouldn’t because he was offended. The following day after calming my nerves, I sent the dog and the owner a long message of apology and I was shocked to hear of the dog’s death. I admit I’ve committed an act worthy of criticism. I don’t want to make this issue any bigger. I will reflect upon my actions for the rest of my life. In spring, I will volunteer at a shelter.

ㅡ Woman


Meanwhile, the pet store owner will be suing the woman for animal abuse on February 12.

Source: Dispatch