Korean YouTuber Goes Viral For Getting Brutally Smacked With Cheese… And It’s Basically 2020 In A Single Video

What a mood… 🧀

When the Korean YouTube channel Tasty Hoon‘s host Sung Ji Hoon put together the fondue fountain…

… all he wanted was for some melted gooey cheese to flow and bring more bliss to his fried chicken mukbang.

Unfortunately, the fountain of cheese had its own plan. At first, it seemed to work — somewhat

… but soon enough, the fountain began unleashing its airborne dairy madness all over the table!

Only after attacking the heck out of Tasty Hoon

… did the chaos come to a stop!

And this vulnerable man getting the living soul smacked out of him by some spinning demon cheese went viral-AF all across Korean social media platforms…

  • “Loooooooool, oh my good god, I’m crying because this is so funny.”
  • “Ah, the sound of cheese destroying a human. LOL!”
  • “… why is this like… 2020 in a single video?
  • “Okay, LMFAO. I can’t stop watching this. Someone send help!”


… because really, his helpless defeat is M-O-O-D for how 2020 has been whooping us around all year. Is it not? 😂

Watch the full hilarious video here:

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