Octopus-Eating YouTuber Uploaded Another Shocking Video of Pig’s Head Mukbang, Receives Heavy Criticism

She ended up taking the videos down.

A Korean YouTuber by the name of Ssoyoung, who became a controversy among Korean netizens for her “Mukbang (Eating Video)” of a live octopus, also uploaded another video of herself eating a whole pig’s head.


In this video, now deleted, she explained that “pig head is a favorite food for Koreans”. She warned the viewers that the visual can make them “feel uncomfortable” but proceeded to share the content anyway.


Ssoyoung held the pig’s head in her hands and started to take bites from it. She hesitated and commented it feels weird, but with time ended up thoroughly enjoying the meal.


The video went on for about 15 minutes. When this video went live, viewers were shocked by the grotesque visual. Several netizens pointed out that she has gone too far for views and showed concerns.


Moreover, netizens became especially furious at her introduction claiming that Koreans like to eat whole pig heads in this manner. The comment section soon flooded with heavy criticism, blaming Ssoyoung for spreading false information.

Translations: “You’re desperate for views”, “Which Korean eats a pig head whole like that? The foreigners watching are going to believe this is normal. The meat from the pig head is usually cooked into thin slices. How is what you’re doing anything like that?”, “Geez, your live octopus video was on my related videos making me super uncomfortable… and now this, I’m just annoyed AF. Stop this nonsense. You want to make money by eating disgusting stuff, fine. But don’t you dare say it’s normal for everyone else.”


After the severe backlash, Ssoyoung deleted both the live octopus and pig head eating videos. In another video of hers, she left a comment about why she decided to take those contents down.

I’ve thoroughly seen all of the comments that were left on few of my uploads. I have thought a lot about the videos and I do realize that they made my subscribers feel uncomfortable. My whole intention was to create interesting videos for my subscribers, and because of that, I might have brought contents that were too absurd and exaggerated. I will gratefully and humbly take all of the opinions and will take down the related videos. From now on, I will be more careful when choosing my contents and will do my best for all of you who come to my channel.

— Ssoyoung


Even after the apologetic comment, netizens remain completely agitated by the fact that she promoted her behavior of eating an entire pig’s head as a norm in Korean cuisine. Some even criticize that she should have apologized in a more sincere way, after “ruining the Korean reputation” with her videos.

  • “If your videos caused an issue and people want you to explain yourself, you should probably say it in person – not in some comment.”
  • “Your videos are already all over the internet. But you think this ‘comment apology’ is going to be enough? This should be a separate, official apology.”
  • “Wow… You think you can simply delete the video… and leave this ‘comment’ on another one of your videos to serve as feedback for your actions…”


Ssoyoung is yet to responded since her last comment and most of her videos that netizens still find concerning remain visible.

Source: Dispatch