This Korean Youtuber Challenged Herself To Eat A Whole Live Octopus

She ate the whole thing.

A Korean ASMR YouTuber who goes by the name Ssoyoung has challenged herself to eat an entire live octopus.

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a pleasurable feeling with a tingling sensation in the scalp that spreads down to the spine, often triggered by a gentle stimulation such as sounds. ASMR YouTubers often create sounds in their videos to trigger such sensations.


Live octopus called “san-nakji” in Korean is generally smaller than the common octopus and is a Korean dish that is often sprinkled with sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds. While it is generally killed and cut into pieces before being eaten (while it is still moving), sometimes people eat the entire octopus whole. The latter method is less common as it can be dangerous.


The YouTuber first gathered a bunch of the live octopus, or san-nakji, on the table in front of her.


Because they were completely alive, they crawled all over the place and the YouTuber had to bring back the ones that managed to escape.


After a brief introduction, she proceeded to eat the live octopus by starting with the head, all the while catching the ones that were crawling away.


She took her time to chew the octopus to avoid the risk of suffocation caused by the tentacle suckers sticking onto the throat.


Watch the full video below:


Source: Youtube
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