Koreans Are Appalled By The Differences Between Accommodations For Korean Jamboree Scouts And Scouts From Other Countries

Some have 5-star hotel level accommodations and Korea… does not.

After the 2023 World Scout Jamboree attendees relocated to Seoul and surrounding areas, claims of discrimination against Korean members were raised because of the condition of their accommodations.

U.K. attendees left Saemangeum early because of the heat wave. | Yonhap

On August 9, KBS‘s News 9 reported that after the Korean attendees of the World Scout Jamboree relocated to the Seoul area due to the approaching Typhoon Khanun, around 370 of them spent the night in an auditorium. However, the dorm conditions were not ideal.

Korean Scouts pose with the pastor of Saeeden Church. | Saeeden Church

Parents who were interviewed expressed their dissatisfaction, stating that the treatment of Korean attendees is distinctly different from foreign attendees. It was reported that foreign attendees were assigned to single or double rooms in accommodations sponsored by companies. One parent claimed their child said they “felt like a refugee.”

The Korean Scouts were moved to Saeeden Church in the Gyeonggi area. They were each given a towel and a yoga mat to sleep on and crammed into the auditorium.

| Saeeden Church

It was almost like a refugee camp… They laid down just one yoga mat on the floor, provided a big towel, and were simply told they had to sleep there. such that they had to sleep there.

— A parent of a Korean scout

In addition, the facility did not have showers, so shower hoses were connected to the sinks in the bathroom.

A netizen who knew one of the Korean Scouts shared their text message conversation that confirmed their accommodation situation.

| DC Inside

A: Hey are you really sleeping like this?
A: [Photo]
B: [Photo]
B: Yep, I’m in this mess.
A: That’s a bit harsh

On the other hand, it was reported that Scouts from other countries were staying in hotel-like facilities.

Jamboree Scouts from Finland and the Netherlands stayed in four training centers as good as 5-star hotels provided by the Hyundai Motor Group. The Scouts were given various Korean, Western, and fusion meals and snacks. Hyundai Motors also offered opportunities for the Scouts to experience Korean culture with programs, such as field trips to teach them about the Korean automobile industry.

| Hyundai Motors
Hyundai Motors
Hyundai Motors

Scouts from Mexico stayed in the Osan Campus of the Lotte Human Resources Development Institute, which the Lotte Group provided. Lotte provided snacks, bottled water, and beverages for the Scouts and opened up the group’s main business sites so Mexican attendees could experience Korean culture. On August 10, they went to the amusement park, Lotte World, watched a baseball game, and visited the Lotte Wellfood production plant.

Separately, Lotte Hotels & Resorts created a Korean culture experience program for British Scouts who withdrew from the event early. They are also staying at Lotte Hotels.

| Lotte Group

Jamboree Scouts from Italy stayed at the POSCO Human Resource Creation Center residences provided by the POSCO Group. These residences are hotel-style accommodations designed for training group executives and employees.

| POSCO Group
| JIMO/Naver Blog
JIMO/Naver Blog

Scouts from Greece, Bosnia, and Zambia stayed in the GS Engineering & Construction Elysian Learning Center, provided by the GS Group. With 166 rooms, the Elysian Learning Center has double, single, and VIP rooms, each equipped with a bathroom, TV, refrigerator, bed, and desk. The facility also has a gym, sauna, and laundry room.

| GS Engineering & Construction
GS Engineering & Construction
GS Engineering & Construction

Scouts from Japan were assigned to stay at the Guinsa Temple because they wanted to experience a temple stay.

| Trip.com
| Chungbuk Ilbo

In response to the difference in accommodations between Scouts from other countries and Korea, Korean netizens expressed their disappointment at the unfair treatment the Korean Scouts are getting. On the other hand, some netizens claimed they understood because the Scouts from overseas were guests in their country and deserved to be treated better.

What are your thoughts?

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