Koreans Attack Park Bom After She Says “2NE1 Forever”

“Says the one who caused 2NE1’s disbandment.”

Korean netizens have once again not been so kind with comments towards Park Bom.


Park Bom has lately become more active on SNS through which she has continued to give small hints about her comeback.

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Most recently, she uploaded a post on her SNS account titling it “2ne1forever…”

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Fans on Instagram became emotional as they sympathized with the idol and reminisced about the days when 2NE1 was united as the invincible team.

  • “Yes, 2ne1 as always be my QUEEN”
  • “2ne1 FOREVER”
  • “Blackjack forever”
  • “2NE1 forever, Blackjack forever :’)”
  • “Yesss foreverr ever ever and everrrr”
  • “I also miss 2NE1 too much!!”
  • “2ne1 always have a special place in my heart”


Korean netizens, however, did not pass up the chance to once again attack Park Bom, blaming her for the group’s disbandment.

  • “You’re the one that ruined 2NE1. If it wasn’t for your scandal, this wouldn’t have happened. Tsk tsk I guess on one hand I’m thankful. If it wasn’t for you, BLACKPINK may not have been able to debut.”
  • “Aren’t you the one who caused the most damage to 2NE1 in the first place?”
  • “That’s ironic of her to say when she’s the one who caused their breakup.”
  • “When you’re the one that ruined them…”
  • “You broke up 2NE1 and now you get all emotional…you drug addict.”
  • “Says the one who caused 2NE1’s disbandment.”


Netizens brought up all sorts of old issues from her drug scandal to her plastic surgery accusations.

  • “I believe all criminals must be ousted from broadcasts.-Jang Dong Min”
  • “What happened to your pretty face…”
  • “Gross.”
  • “Her face is very unnatural.”
  • “She used to be pretty before she got plastic surgery.”
  • “Anyone would be nostalgic about their good days…but if they made a big mistake, they should reflect on themselves and live diligently.”
  • “Her under eyes look like they’re going to pop any minute now…”
  • “Drug family forever”
  • “That type of makeup is so old-fashioned.”


They just could not criticize her enough, even going as far as to criticize her hands in the photo.

  • “I thought it was a witch’s hand.”
  • “Her hands look like the hands of someone in their 50’s.”
  • “Her palms and fingers are a little strange-looking. It’s thin and looks like an old lady’s hands. Is it just me?”
  • “What’s up with her fingernails? Her face is like a piece of flatbread and it looks like she made her clothes at home.”
  • “Your hands look old. Do some plastic surgery on your hands too uhnni.”


As Park Bom is making great efforts to make a comeback, it’s truly a shame how unforgiving and cold some Korean netizens can be. Nonetheless, many fans still continue to support Park Bom and her preparations for her glorious comeback, so fans can only hope that Park Bom is not discouraged by any malicious comments.

  • “Comeback nowww”
  • “Waiting for you to release a song”
  • “Miss your voice”
  • “You are so perfect and pretty. Love you Queen”
  • “I will always support and love you unconditionally forever with all my heart and soul”
  • “Love you sooo much and I’ll never forget you. You will always be my #1. Always my inspiration. Love youu!”
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