Koreans Are Puzzled By A New Chinese Plastic Surgery Trend Involving Ears

Elven ears!

There is a new trend for beauty in China. Called the “elf ears“, girls are altering the appearance of their ears to give off a more ethereal and bright look.

The trend is to make one’s ears more visible from the frontal view, just like an elf’s! While ears are normally slightly pulled back, the “elf ears” trend has them sticking out from the side of the face cutely.

Before and after the alteration. | via theqoo

For those that do not want to resort to surgery, they can use tape to hold the ear up. The tape used for the trend is a special one that is more sturdy and can help the ear stand.

| via theqoo

The final result? Elven ears! The reason why girls began to do this in China was to make themselves look both more youthful and more playful. The ears also help make one’s face look smaller and better proportioned. For those that want a more permanent option, you can also get it corrected surgically.

Before and after correction. | theqoo

Korean netizens were both amazed and puzzled by the trend. Many netizens also agreed with the trend, claiming that it makes the face look smaller.

Korean reactions to the trend. | theqoo
  • “I get really uncomfortable when I take passport photos because my ears are lying flat. They put tissue wads behind my ear because my ears were completely not visible.”
  • “Huh…how fascinating. My ears are like in the photos on the right and they are too visible from the front, so I hoped that they would look more flat.”
  • “I’m similar to the photos on the right but they were like monkey ears. So you’re saying my face will at least look small?”
  • “I heard that it was better for ears not to be seen but for celebrities, it’s the opposite.”
  • “Because my ears stuck out, I heard from the elderly that my ears look good.”

Looks like the general consensus is that more visible ears will make you look more dimensional and beautiful!

Source: theqoo
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