Koreans Fiercely Defend “Street Woman Fighter” Dancer From Hate Over Her Armpit Hair

“This is really embarrassing…”

Audrey Lane, a world-famous dancer and a member of the dance crew Jam Republic, recently faced unwarranted criticism over her body hair.

Audrey Lane | @_audreylane_/Instagram

Mnet’s popular dance survival show Street Woman Fighter 2 has garnered significant attention thanks to its drama-filled episodes and extremely talented lineup. One of the participating crews, Jam Republic, has been in the spotlight since day one consisting of dancers who are already well-known globally. Apart from Audrey, the team consists of other world-class dancers, including Kirsten Dodgen, Latrice Kabamba, Ling Zhang, and Emma Huch.

(From left to right) Ling, Emma, Audrey, Latrice, and Kirsten | @mnet_dance/Instagram

As a part of the “Crew Song Performance” round, all of the dance crews of Street Woman Fighter 2 made choreographies for the respective original soundtracks assigned to them by the show and uploaded their video on The CHOOM YouTube channel. Jam Republic delivered a powerful performance to Kid Milli and SUMIN’s “CRAZY OUT THERE” for this round.

While the choreography left viewers in awe of the crew’s collective skills, there were some unsavory discussions about Audrey’s body hair visible in the video. A Korean YouTube channel, SSULSTAR, uploaded a short video pointing out Audrey’s armpit hair. The video’s caption asks, “Hairy-drey’s Armpit Hair Performance: Is It Up To Her Or Is It Rude?

The content garnered quite some attention from netizens, with over 750,000 views at the time of writing this article. The comments under the video were largely in defense of Audrey and called out the OP for their regressive mindset.

  • “The fact that this is controversial itself is embarrassing…”
  • “Is there a law that says women need to shave it all? F*cking hilarious.”
  • “I think Korea is the only country that cares about stuff like this…”

  • “I like that other countries care less about stuff like this. If it’s there, it’s there. Korea is way too picky.”
  • “Does shaving your armpit make you polite? LOL. I’m only polite in Summer and ruder in Winter.”

  • “This is a matter of personal choice, so don’t argue. What’s rude about it anyway? Would this video even exist if it was a male dancer with armpit hair? Says a lot about your class.”
  • “I wish you’d just delete this…I’m so embarrassed and sorry…”

Later, a post discussing this video about Audrey went viral on the popular blogging site Theqoo, where netizens once again defended the dancer and criticized the YouTube channel.

| theqoo
  • “Controversial?? This is f*cking funny. It’s her decision.”
  • “Everyone has body hair since birth. Just please leave it alone. If someone wants to shave it, then they’d do it, and please stop being bothered by other people’s body hair.”
  • “F*ck. LOL. This is really embarrassing.”
  • “Please don’t embarrass us…”
  • “Is it that hard to leave the decision of shaving or not shaving to the respective person?”
| theqoo
  • “I didn’t even notice it was there. Why were you even looking at it?”
  • “Ugh, worry about your nose hair first, f*ckers TTTT.”
  • “F*ck…”
  • “That’s none of your business. Why are you worried about someone else shaving or not shaving their armpit hair.”
Source: theqoo

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