Koreans Hate The Idea Of Japanese Idols Being On “Produce48” So Much, They’re Trying To Get It Cancelled

Some Koreans are petitioning against “Produce48”, claiming that it is unfit for Japanese idols to profit off of Korea.

With rumors that Japanese trainee Miyawaki Sakura has been crowned Produce 48‘s first center, discussion has exploded across Korean forums about the program including Japanese members.


Many Korean people are so unhappy with the program, that they have begun to file petitions to have the show cancelled.

The above petition suggests that considering the “Wasabi Terror” incident, the issue of Dokdo Island’s sovereignty, and more it is not right for Japanese people to profit from something Koreans are doing.


Another petition points out Miyawaki Sakura’s “attitude controversy” and wants the Korean trainees to receive more opportunities than the Japanese ones.

The petitions claim that “there are a lot of Japanese members with attitude controversies”, “trainees with a lot of plastic surgery passed” and that “a member is said to have worn clothes with the rising sun flag and sang ‘Kimigayo’ [the national anthem of Japan].”


Some netizens have responded saying it’s unnecessary to involve the government with a simple audition program.

Nevertheless, if the petition reaches over 20,000 signatures it must be addressed by the appropriate federal department.


On the other hand, other Korean fans are so in love with Miyawaki Sakura that they’ve started fan pages specifically for her!

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Source: Dispatch