Koreans Come To PURPLE KISS Swan’s Defense, Following Some Online Negativity Over Her Figure

“Can we please not talk about someone else’s shape for once?”

In light of the group’s recent comeback with “Zombie,” rookie girl group PURPLE KISS‘s member Swan has been confronting some online negativity about her gorgeous, glamorous figure.


While these haters claimed that Swan is “not fit” for K-Pop…

Member Swan on stage, performing “Zombie.” 

…Korean fans have since come to her defense—shooting down the comments about the idol’s shape. Praising her talent as a vocalist and her unique voice to really set her apart, Koreans called out the comments about her body and weight to be irrelevant, outdated, and rude.

  • “For f*ck’s sake, her body shape is none of my business. It doesn’t matter if she’s curvy or skinny. She’s beautiful either way. I think she looks cute as is…So stop with this outdated idea that she has to look a certain way!”
  • “Just go focus on making yourselves better and leave the girl alone. She’ll do whatever she wants with her body. Can we please NOT talk about someone else’s shape for once?”
  • “Why are we saying her shape is controversial? Personally speaking, I find it so bizarre the way people are talking about someone else’s body like that.”

One Korean pointed out, “It isn’t a rule that an idol has to be skinny.” The comment resonated with a lot of other Korean fans who agreed that it is weird to be evaluating and criticizing a person’s body shape—especially in this day and age.

You know, I wish more of them would look like her so that it becomes normal for idols to have different body shapes.

— Anonymous Comment

This isn’t the first time Swan’s body has been discussed. In fact, ever since PURPLE KISS’s debut, Swan’s shape has been mentioned one way or another. Fortunately, back in April 2021, PURPLE KISS’s agency sunbae and fellow girl group member MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul told Swan that there is no reason to stress over her looks.


For Swan, there is no denying that everything she has is an asset, from her stage presence to her stunning vocals. Moonbyul reminded Swan that, because she is an outstanding singer, it should be enough for her to excel at that—and fans agree!

It’s not that [you weren’t] working on herself. So I don’t think you should be stressed about that too much. You’re a singer and you’re good at doing your job. That’s more than enough.

— Moonbyul

Body shaming has been rampant for ages among Koreans in the Korean entertainment industry—and the unreasonable negativity around body shapes has been criticized by international fans. Recently, however, the norm is seemingly changing as more idols speak up about having different bodies and being okay with it. K-Pop fans believe this to be a healthy shift in the industry and hope to see more idols and fans becoming accepting.

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