4 K-Pop Idols Who Slammed Haters For Shaming Their Weight

They didn’t hold back.

Every day, K-Pop idols are under extreme pressure to adhere to the music industry’s beauty standards. Some are required to lose pounds as trainees, and others are pushed to diet after they debut. Even so, some people feel the need to comment on idols’ weight. Instead of keeping their weight in check, these admirable idols decided to keep body-shamers in check.

1. TXT

During a live broadcast, Yeonjun read aloud this comment: “Yeonjun, you’re chubby.” “I’m not chubby,” he replied. He wasn’t happy about the comment, and his members went to battle on his behalf.


Soobin, in particular, got fired up. “Whenever you feel like leaving such comments, take a look at yourself first,” he said. “Seriously. Really.” 


Yeonjun added: “Yes… Just don’t leave such comments.”

2. Youngjae (GOT7)

Yeonjun isn’t the only idol who had to deal with weight-shaming trolls during live broadcasts. Youngjae was just about to sign off when he noticed a comment from a “fan” telling him to lose weight.

Youngjae | V LIVE

Some people might have given a sugar-coated reply, but not Youngjae. He got straight to the point. “Well, I’m on a diet, and it’s none of your business,” he replied. “It’s not your business.” 


3. Ailee

Nobody is going to tell this beautiful soloist what she can or can’t eat, but one netizen decided to try when Ailee posted a midnight snack on Instagram. The snack in question was a pasta recipe Ailee had recently discovered and fallen in love with.

Ailee | @aileeonline/Instagram

The netizen wrote, “The night snack will make you gain weight.” Like a true queen, Ailee shut down this inappropriate comment with class. “Even if I gain weight, my happiness is all that matters,” she said.

| @aileeonline/Instagram

4. Amber and Krystal [f(x)]

If you can’t say anything nice, zip it. This was, in short, Amber’s message to one opinionated guest on Hello Counselor. In Episode 134, a woman who only weighed 48kg (approximately 105.8 lbs) revealed that her brother constantly criticized her for being “overweight.”

f(x) on Hello Counselor.

The brother took things one step further by insulting f(x), who were guests that day.

Kim Taehui and her brother.

[The f(x) members] are pretty, but there are areas where they could lose weight…With Sulli, her arms and calves.

— Guest Kim Taehui’s brother

Amber did not let this slide. “You can have your own opinion,” she said. “but you shouldn’t hurt other people. That goes for your sister as well.”


Krystal savagely told the brother to, “Gain some weight!”

Krystal | KBS