TXT’s Soobin Claps Back At Insensitive Comments About Yeonjun’s Weight

He was not taking it.

During a recent live stream by TXT, a troll had left a comment in the chat. Yeonjun had chanced upon the message and read it out. Unfortunately, the troll had commented, “Yeonjun, you’re chubby.” Naturally, while Yeonjun was indignant, his members got even angrier on his behalf.

  • Yeonjun: “I’m not chubby.”
  • Beomgyu: “He weighs about the same as I!”
  • Soobin: “Everyone, if you think Yeonjun is fat…”
  • Beomgyu: “…stop there.”
  • Soobin: “Everyone!”
  • Beomgyu: “Don’t do it. So what? What were you going to say?”
  • Soobin: “Whenever you feel like leaving such comments, take a look at yourself first. Seriously. Really.”
  • Yeonjun: “Yes… Just don’t leave such comments.”

Soobin shared that they all work incredibly hard to keep in shape and that such comments would hurt their feelings. Yeonjun praised Soobin for his charisma in standing up to the troll, and rightfully so! No one deserves to be talked to like that.

It’s undeniable that the boys handled the situation and the troll very well. Go Soobin!