Koreans Wonder If Big Hit And CJ ENM’s New Boy Group Audition Will Continue Amidst Mnet Controversy

They don’t want another show.

It was announced in March that Big Hit Entertainment has joined forces with entertainment powerhouse CJ ENM and launched a new company called BELIFT LAB.

7 billion won of investment capital was put into the project, with CJ ENM having 52% and Big Hit with 48%. Bang Si Hyuk was further set to be in charge of producing the new boy group.

Moreover, the two have released a teaser inviting males born between 1997 and 2008 to their global audition. They aimed to debut a new boy group by 2020.

 We’re looking for boys to make their debut as the next global idol.

Koreans are now wondering if this endeavor will continue to push through, however, considering CJ ENM’s subsidiary, Mnet, is currently under fire for their vote rigging controversy. As Mnet was supposed to air the auditions, Koreans are looking at the audition less than favorably.

CJ became greedy after they saw BTS’s success, so they teamed up with Big Hit to form a new boy groupㅋㅋ

What the hell? Big Hit, don’t do this!

I hope Big Hit stops. CJ is like a real bully.

– Korean Netizens

Others, however, pointed out that this collaboration was simply an audition and not a survival program.

I don’t think it’s the survival audition show and Big Hit will choose trainees and train them wellㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s not the form as ‘Idol school’ or ‘Produce’.

It’s not a survival show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just an ordinary audition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They audition and participate like other trainees in the company. Do you want people to complain about Big Hit?

This is not a survival show but an audition. I don’t care if it works or not because it’s a separate company from Big Hit anyway.

– Korean Netizens

There have been no updates regarding the collaboration since its announcement.


Source: Belift and TheQoo