Korea’s Ministry Of Education Reports Middle School And High School Students Are Among The Casualties Of The Itaewon Tragedy

The ministry also reported that three teachers were killed in the tragedy.

According to news reports, Middle School and High School students were among those who perished in a crowd surge in Itaewon, resulting in the deaths of 154 people and injuring 149 more.

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On October 31, the Ministry Of Education stated that they had identified one Middle School student and five High School students who died in the tragedy. The ministry further reported that three teachers were also killed.

Aftermath of the Itaewon tragedy |

The ministry also reported that five students were injured, four from the city of Seoul and one student from the Chungnam province.

Of the 11 teenagers who were reported dead, we’ve identified that six were students. There is another victim that hasn’t yet been identified, but we don’t believe they are a student.

— Ministry Of Education representative

On this day, the Ministry Of Education held an emergency meeting to discuss psychiatric support for students in response to the tragedy. Seoul city has agreed to cooperate with the ministry to provide psychiatric support for students as part of a larger effort to bring safety and security to schools.

Unrelated High School in Yongsan-gu for illustrative purposes | Usline

The ministry announced that schools would lower the Korean flag, and students would be allowed to wear ribbons and participate in mourning the tragedy during the mourning period, which President Yoon Seok Yul announced. The mourning period will end on November 5.  College students who were affected by the tragedy will be assigned a civil service worker who will assist in allocating resources and support for the student and their families.

Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education will also be hosting a vigil for the victims of the tragedy until November 5 in remembrance of the incident.

Source: Seoul Shinmun

Itaewon Halloween Emergency

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