Korea’s Ministry Of Justice Calls Out Scene In “The Glory”

The Korean government sets the record straight.

The Korean government fact-checked a line in The Glory.

The Glory poster | Netflix

On March 16, Korea’s Ministry of Justice released a statement stating that the line. “Do you think you can cut off your bloodline that easily? If I go to the county office, I can find out where you are” in The Glory wasn’t based on facts.

The line is from a scene in which Moon Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo) and her mother (played by Park Ji Ah) fight after reuniting as adults. In the scene, Moon Dong Eun’s mother claims she found her address by going to the county office.

Song Hye Kyo (top) and Park Ji Ah (the bottom) | Netflix

According to the Korean government, a member of a family, who is a victim of domestic abuse, can elect to hide their address or contact information from family members.

An amendment to the Registry of Family act passed in December 2021 and took effect in January 2022. According to this law, victims of domestic abuse can ask the country office to withhold their information and records from their perpetrators.

— Korean Government

The Ministry of Justice states that a victim of domestic abuse can choose to withhold information from perpetrators and that family members who are designated as perpetrators won’t be able to receive paperwork proving their familial ties with the victim.

The Ministry of Justice emphasized that through the passing of the new amendment, victims of domestic abuse will be granted greater protection and that it would protect them from further abuse.

Source: wikitree