Korea’s National Football Team Returns Home To A Hero’s Welcome

A crowd of supporters greeted the team with applause and celebration.

Korea’s football heroes have returned home to an outpour of support.

South Korean National Team arrives in Incheon | Yonhap News

On December 7, the team, which was responsible for Korea’s best showing at the World Cup tournament in 12 years, landed in Incheon to a crowd of journalists and applauding fans.

Crowd gathered to greet the National Football Team | Yonhap News

According to reports, the team landed in Korea at 4:30 PM KST, with 23 members of Korea’s National Team gracing fans. Kim Seung Kyu and both of the team’s Jung Woo Youngdid not return to Korea, instead leaving for their respective professional teams. The reports state that Incheon airport erupted in applause when the players entered the terminal.

| Yonhap News

Enigmatic National Team coach Paolo Bento and his players were all smiles when they made their entrance. The players greeted fans before lining up for team photos while holding a banner that read, “We won’t forget how South Korea became one through passion, and we will run again.

Paolo Bento (front) and coach staff | Yonhap News
Team photo | Yonhap News

The Korean National Team brought its country pride and tears through its wonderful performance at the 2022 Qatar World Cup. The team advanced through the group stages by defeating Portugal 2-1 in a performance dubbed “The Miracle of Doha.”

Meanwhile, in a controversial decision, Korea’s Football Association (KFA) announced that it would not be re-signing Paolo Bento, the team’s longest-tenured foreign coach in its history. According to reports, the coach will be returning to his native country, Portugal.

Korea’s National Team will disperse for now to their respective professional teams and will assemble in March of 2023 to prepare for their next miracle at the 2026 FIFA World Cup. Watch the team’s homecoming in full by clicking on the link below!

Source: Wikitree