Signed K-Pop Albums Posted For Sale On A Secondhand Website Sparks Controversy

People are wondering how it happened.

According to a recent online post, various K-Pop albums signed to the group, CLC have appeared on a secondhand website, and it’s sparking suspicion among netizens.

The albums that have come up for sale include those of TVXQ‘s Yunho, Cherry Bullet, Rothy, and more.

What’s making the resale of these albums draw particular attention is the fact that the albums are signed to CLC along with handwritten messages.

And while nobody knows exactly what happened, some are wondering if a mistake was made by management during the process of managing the signed albums that CLC was gifted.

Whatever the case may be, netizens are expressing that it’s not pleasant to see signed albums from fellow K-Pop idols being sold on a secondhand website.

| @cube_clc_official/Instagram

The matter has yet to be addressed by CLC or Cube Entertainment.

Source: Dispatch