6 K-Pop Artists Just Earned Million Certifications From Circle Chart, Including Three That Never Have Before

Congratulations to all of them!

Every month, Circle Chart (formerly known as Gaon) announces new certifications for K-Pop albums that have reached certain numbers of sales. These are always huge achievements for artists, and are worth congratulating when they’re announced!

An album will receive a platinum certification at 250k sales, double platinum at 500k sales, triple platinum at 750k sales, and a million certification at one million sales (as well as double, triple, etc. for multiple-million sales).

Circle Chart certification requirements

And for the month of September, six albums from six different K-Pop artists received the coveted million certification achievement, three of whom never have before!

To start with the artists who are receiving their second or more million certification is Baekhyun. The solo artist earned his second on of these awards with his second EP, Delight, which was released on May 25, 2020. Bambi was his first album to earn a million certification, and this likely won’t be his last either if his popularity continues to grow!

Another artist earning their second million certification this month is ENHYPEN. This most recent album, Manifesto: Day 1, which came out on July 4 this year, surpassed a million sales in just about 2 months, which is incredible for such a still-young group! Dimension: Dilemma, which came out on October 12, 2021, was their first to accomplish this.

The third and final artist who has achieved this before and adds yet another million certification to their list is SEVENTEEN! Their most recent album, Sector 17, has surpassed a million sales since it came out on July 18 this year, and is their incredible 7th album to get a million certification (with Attacca and Face the Sun both receiving double million certifications for surpassing two million sales!).

As for the artists that earned their first million certification this month, ATEEZ is among them! They earned the achievement with their most recent album, The World EP.1: Movement, which was released on July 29 this year. With their album sales increasing with each comeback consistently, this is likely going to be their first of many!

The other two who earned million certifications for the first time this month are both fourth generation girl groups. One is ITZY, who received it for their most recent album, Checkmate, which came out on July 15 this year!

The final and third group to earn their first million certification for September 2022 is aespa. They also achieved this with their most recent album, Girls, which came out on July 8 this year! It’s only their second album as well, which shows just how much of a monster rookie group they are.

Congratulations to everyone that received a new million certification this month!