The K-Pop Artists With The Most Interactions With Fans On Weverse In 2023

“Should have added another record, artist with the shortest live: Kim Taehyung.”

Weverse is a popular app used by fans and K-Pop artists alike in order to communicate with each other, through posts, comments, and livestreaming. Recently, data for the app was shared that shows some interesting statistics for Weverse in 2023, and these are some of the details!

There are three artists listed who visited Weverse every day in 2023: TREASURE, Secret Number, and KINGDOM.

TREASURE | Weverse

The wrap-up also includes the three artists that made the most posts on the app this past year. KINGDOM is first with 5,164 posts, SEVENTEEN comes in second with 1,452 posts, and finally, JUST B had the third-most posts with 1,292 total.

KINGDOM | Weverse

Similarly, the artists who left the most comments on posts was also shared. Secret Number had the most with 17,611 comments, fromis_9 is in second with 13,995 comments, and TREASURE takes third with 11,349 comments.

Secret Number | Weverse

During 2023, there were a total of 4,310 lives made by artists on the app, and the total duration for all of these lives was 3,612 hours. The three artists who held the most Weverse lives during the year were Golden Child, fromis_9, ENHYPEN, and TREASURE.

Golden Child | Weverse

Out of all the artists on Weverse, fromis_9 had the most total hours spent livestreaming at 169 hours total.

fromis_9 | Weverse

BTS‘s Jungkook broke the record of the most viewers on a livestream with his “Have you been well?” stream, which peaked at 16.3 million viewers.

The wrap-up also includes the artist who held their first live the fastest after starting their community on the app: SHINee‘s Key, who went live just one hour and 49 minutes after joining!

Finally, the words that fandoms used the most on Weverse in 2023 were love, like, happy, always, hope, and support.

Here’s how K-Pop fans are reacting to this wrap-up!

Here’s to even more interactions between K-Pop idols and fans in 2024!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa