These 6 K-Pop Artists Take Up The Majority Of Billboard’s World Albums Chart This Week

At this rate it might as well be called the K-Pop Album Chart!

The Billboard World Albums chart is a weekly chart of the world’s best-selling albums in the United States, based on the total accumulated sales of the albums listed. Each week, the K-Pop genre often takes up a majority of the 15 spots, which isn’t too surprising given its rising popularity! This week, 11 of the spots are filled by K-Pop artists, including one who just rose onto the chart with their new album last week! Here are the 15 best-selling albums for the week of August 8.

15. African Giant by Burna Boy

African Giant, released by Nigerian singer and songwriter Burna Boy, re-enters the charts this week at #15. He has peaked on the chart with this album before at #6, and it has spent 34 weeks total on the list.

14. BTS World by BTS

BTS World is no stranger to this list! The OST for the BTS game of the same name has spent 50 weeks in total on the chart, peaking at one time at #1 and dropping from its #11 place last week.

13. Love Yourself: Tear by BTS

Love Yourself: Tear has also been on the chart many times since its May 2018 release, with an incredible 103 weeks on the list and still counting. It fell from its #8 place last week, but has ranked at #1 in the past.

12. Somewhere Over The Rainbow: IZ: The Best Of Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole by Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole

This iconic singer’s album has been on the World Albums chart now for 11 weeks total, and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon. Last week it placed at #10, and at its peak it reached #6.

11. The Lion King: The Gift by Beyoncé & Various Artists

This musical soundtrack led by Beyonce and starring other musical artists has been on the chart for some time now as well, with 37 weeks total on the list. It peaked at #1 in the past, and rises up from its #14 position last week!

10. The Gereg by The Hu

The Hu is a Monglian heavy metal band, and The Gereg has gotten them placed on this chart many times. It has spent 31 weeks total on the list, peaking at #1 and falling slightly from its #9 place last week.

9. The 1st Mini Album by SuperM

Even without SuperM actively promoting much at all anymore, their album continues to stubbornly stay on this chart! It managed to reach the #1 spot closer to debut, but has now spent 41 weeks in total on the list and even rose from its #12 position last week.

8. Kill This Love by BLACKPINK

Kill This Love continues to do well for BLACKPINK, despite coming out well over a year ago. It, of course, peaked at the #1 closer to debut, and has spent a total of 39 weeks on the chart, but it dropped slightly from #7 last week.

7. Map of the Soul: 7 ~The Journey~ by BTS

BTS’s latest album has done well in the ranking, and this is its 3rd week on the chart. It has only reached the #2 position (dueling with none other than the Korean BTS album Map of the Soul: 7), and it falls from #4 last week to #7 this week.

6. Zero: Fever Part.1 by ATEEZ

This latest album from ATEEZ was just released last week, so it’s making its debut on the chart in the #6 place! It’s hard to say whether or not it will rise or fall next week on the list, but hopefully it continues to make a lot of sales and be well-received.

5. Go Live by Stray Kids

Stray Kids’ album continues to do remarkably well on the chart, actually moving up from its #6 position last week. It has spent 7 weeks so far on the World Albums list, and peaked at #4 a while back.

4. Map of the Soul: Persona by BTS

Map of the Soul: Persona is still extremely popular despite its last-year release, when it ranked #1! It has now spent 68 weeks in total on the chart, and rises up from its #5 position last week.

3. Neo Zone: The 2nd Album by NCT 127

NCT 127’s Neo Zone album has been consistently staying in the top 3 on this list for the 21 weeks it has spent on it! Last week it also placed at #3, and has hit the #1 spot before in the past.

2. Love Yourself: Answer by BTS

Love Yourself: Answer continues to be one of BTS’s most successful albums, placing #2 on the chart this week. It has spent an incredible 101 weeks total on the World Albums list, and was also at #2 last week as well!

1. Map of the Soul: 7 by BTS

And finally, Map of the Soul: 7 is still the album to beat on this list, with 23 total weeks spent on the chart, most of them being in the #1 spot. BTS truly is unbeatable in this industry right now!