BLACKPINK Rosé’s “R” Becomes The 11th Album By A Female K-Pop Soloist To Reach A Phenomenal Milestone

This is the first time it’s been done in 19 years.

On March 15, YG Entertainment made the announcement that BLACKPINK member Rosé‘s debut solo album, R, had reached a stunning number of pre-sale orders a few hours before it would be physically released.

In fact, with over 500,000 total pre-sales — which, now that the album has been released, are confirmed sales — she becomes not only just the 8th female solo artist to reach this number of sales for a single album, but now officially holds the record for the most pre-sales for a single album out of all female K-Pop soloists!

The total number of pre-sales for the album are 404,318 CDs, 49,058 kits, and 52,129 LPs, bringing the overall total to 505,505.

R has now also become only the 11th K-Pop album from a female solo artist to hit 500,000 sales, with the last time happening all the way back in 2002 with Lee Sooyoung‘s My Stay in Sendai album (which made about 509k total sales).

Along with Rosé and Lee Sooyoung, the six other female soloists to reach this milestone are Lee Sora, WAXBoAYangpa, Kim Hyunjung, and Uhm Junghwa.

Lee Sora holds the two highest-selling album records, with Lee Sora Vol. 1 and Like In A Movie reaching about 930k and 830k physical sales in 1995 and 1996 respectively.

Yangpa also has two albums that met that milestone. Novice’s Love sold more, with 820k, was released in 1996, and Addio, released in 1999, had around 588k sales.

WAX has the title for two of the other best-selling albums to make over 500k sales as well: Fixing My Makeup, which made about 702k sales when it was released in 2001, and Please, which has hit a total of around 611k sales since it came out in 2002.

Kim Hyunjung had one album reach the achievement, with A Seagull of Dream hitting around 590k sales in 1999. BoA also had one album — No. 1 — hit 500k sales, with a total of around 560k sold after its 2002 release.

Finally, Uhm Junghwa’s 005.1999.06 is the last addition to this list, and has had about 552k sales since it was released in 1999!

Congratulations to Rosé for joining this list of iconic legends!


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