K-Pop Bodyguards Reveal Why They Don’t Wear Suits Like In Typical K-Dramas

Another expectations vs. reality moment.

Bodyguards in K-Dramas like The K2 are usually seen wearing classy black suits, but reality is different!

Actor Ji Chang Wook in “The K2” | tvN

Recently, professional K-Pop bodyguards Yang Tae Il and Jung Seung Min guested on YouTube channel AYO to talk about their work.

Yang Tae Il (left) and Jung Seung Min (right) | @AYO/YouTube

The staff were surprised to see that they weren’t wearing suits—instead, they were wearing uniforms.

When asked why they’re wearing casual clothes, Jung Seung Min explained that the material of suits feels restrictive and makes them uncomfortable.

They also find that it’s best to wear comfortable clothes when they’re working at K-Pop concerts or protecting idols.

Suits are uncomfortable to move around in. Comfortable clothes are the best at a concert or when guarding idols, so I prefer this a lot.

— Jung Seung Min

Yang Tae Il then described the patch on their uniform, which is known as CPT.

CPT is an indirect security team patch.

— Yang Tae Il

Jung Seung Min’s uniform, on the other hand, was slightly different. On one side, there was a patch of the Korean flag and the word “guard.”

This side has the Korean flag and says ‘guard.’

— Jung Seung Min

The other side of his uniform had the word “security” and a patch of his blood type, A+.

K-Pop bodyguards may not often wear suits like in K-Dramas, but that doesn’t make their work any less valuable!

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Source: YouTube
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