Netizens Think 2023 May See The Resurgence Of New K-Pop Boy Group Success, And Here’s Why

There are so many debuts in the works!

While 2022 has seen the explosive debuts and success of several different rookie girl groups — including LE SSERAFIMNMIXXIVENewJeans, and Kep1er — it has been a relatively quiet year for new boy groups.

LE SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim/Twitter

While there have been some boy groups that debuted this year, none of them have found the same massive popularity that numerous K-Pop girl groups have. However, thanks to the plans that several different Korean entertainment labels have for 2023, netizens think that might change next year.

In fact, according to a recent post made on an online forum, at least 10 major and smaller companies have some kind of boy group debut in the works, all of which might happen in 2023.

NCT | SM Entertainment

Among the major labels planning some sort of debut in the near future is SM Entertainment. It’s highly likely that NCT will debut a new subunit — either NCT Hollywood or NCT Japan — that might feature both current and new members. And while there were rumors at one point of a non-NCT group debuting, that doesn’t seem to be in the plans.

Yuta and Shotaro, NCT’s Japanese members | SM Entertainment

JYP Entertainment also has some promising possibilities in the works. Trainees from the survival show LOUD have been training for quite a while now, and it’s quite likely that they and perhaps some other trainees may debut in a new boy group in 2023. There could also be a male version of NiziU in the works as well.

JYP LOUD trainees | JYP Entertainment

BigHit Music‘s Trainee A has been getting a lot of attention in recent times, and while they were supposed to debut in 2022, the departure of one of the trainees pushed that date back to possibly sometime in 2023.

Trainee A | BigHit Music

Speaking of HYBE Labels‘ subsidiaries, there are rumors that Pledis Entertainment might also finally be debuting a new boy group, since it’s been over 7 years since their last boy group, SEVENTEEN, debuted. They’ve also been holding frequent auditions for some time, adding more evidence to this claim.

Pledis Entertainment 2019 audition advertisement

Fantagio is also on the list of companies likely to debut a new boy group in 2023. Sources have said that Noh Sungchul, a former contestant on I-LAND, is going to debut in a K-Pop boy group soon under their label.

Noh Sungchul | I-LAND

There has been hype growing for KQ Entertainment‘s new group of rookies, known collectively as KQ Fellaz 2, as all of the 10 members have now been introduced and are uploading fairly regular content.

KQ Fellaz 2 | KQ Entertainment

And finally, though there are few details to be shared about them so far, there are rumors that Cube EntertainmentKOZ Entertainment (Zico‘s label), MNH Entertainment (home to Chungha), and C-Jes Entertainment all also have some kind of boy group planned to debut in the near future.

KOZ Entertainment audition advertisement from early 2022

Netizens are having a lot of different reactions to all of these possible new groups!

  • “KeFelzㅠㅠㅠ I really hope that the babies hit big”
  • “I’m seriously looking forward to KOZ”
  • “Oh looking forward to Pledis’ male idols”
  • “If the rookies are out and that the current male idols make their comeback, the male idol industry will become a lot more fun… I’m excited”
  • “Please Pledis, I’m looking forward to your group. There are trainees in your company that I’m waiting for. Please Pledis…”
  • “Why am I so looking forward to Pledis..? maybe because none of them have been revealed, I’m even more curious”
  • “I need sm to stop expanding nct and debut separate boygroups (but they probably won’t do it since nct all members albums sell like hot cookies)”
  • “So no normal boy group from SM. I feel like SM has a big chance to hit it big with a new boy group so it’s a shame that they’re wasting away this opportunity. But I guess directors/CEOs ‘know better’ 🤷🏻‍♀️”

What do you think of this possible exciting line-up of K-Pop boy groups for 2023?

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa
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