K-Pop Fans Question HYBE Labels’s Quick Denial Of BTS’s RM’s Marriage… But Not BLACKPINK’s Jennie And V’s Dating Rumors

What could it mean? 👀

Earlier today, BTS‘s RM made headlines when rumors of him getting married to a non-idol surfaced online… But were quickly denied by HYBE Labels.


According to the Youtuber Sojang, the BTS member was reportedly preparing to get married to a non-celebrity after an anonymous netizen claimed someone they knew had been told personally about the marriage by the bride-to-be.

BTS’s company, HYBE Labels, took little time to deny the rumors, posting a firm response to the allegations on June 24.

RM’s marriage rumors are not true. We are currently taking swift action against malicious rumors started on YouTube.

— HYBE Labels


However, the entertainment label’s rapid denial of RM’s marriage backfired somewhat when netizens went online to bring up another recent dating scandal of a BTS member.


A couple of months ago, the K-Pop world went wild when alleged photos of BTS’s V and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie were posted online, sparking rumors that the two were dating.

Alleged photo of Jennie and V

Though many people think the pictures have been photoshopped, others find it suspicious that HYBE Labels not only didn’t respond quickly to deny the rumors, but they actually still haven’t addressed them at all.

Here is what netizens are saying online:

“I guess BigHit is not releasing any statements about Jennie and V because it’s true that they’re dating, lol.”

“So HYBE releases statements very fast if the rumors aren’t true.”

“Why are they not releasing any statements about Jennie and V?”

“HYBE is so quick in responding to non-dating rumors I guess.”


Of course, this isn’t concrete proof that the dating rumors for V and Jennie are true, but it is interesting to see how BTS’s label has responded differently to these two incidents!

Source: The Qoo