K-Pop Lyricist Kim Eana, Who Has Worked With IU And Taeyeon, Reveals She Is Helping BTS’s V With His Debut Album

This is a legendary pairing!

Lyricist Kim Eana is a legend in the K-Pop industry, with songwriting credits for over twenty well-known artists including IUTaeyeonBrown Eyed GirlsEXOSHINeeMAMAMOO, and many others.

IU and Kim Eana | @_IUofficial/Twitter

In fact, 18 K-Pop songs that she has written or co-written have gone on to peak at #1 on the Gaon Music Chart, and she has also won “Lyricist of the Year” at the Gaon Chart Music Awards four times!

Every song Kim Eana has helped create that has peaked #1 on the Gaon Music Chart | Wikipedia

Often called a “goddess composer”, Kim Eana is good friends with well-known ballad singer Park Hyo Shin, who was recently revealed to be close with BTS‘s V.

Kim Eana appeared on an episode of MBC Radio Star on June 15, where she revealed that Hyo Shin had once asked her if he could give “Taehyungie” her phone number. She asked him if he meant BTS’s V, which he confirmed, and she was surprised and learned that the idol was preparing for his debut solo album and wanted her help!

She ended up receiving some demos from the BTS member, and the two are reportedly still working together on getting V’s debut album going.


Kim Eana also shared that whenever she spends time with Park Hyo Shin and V, they always talk about music together, and that the two are very passionate musicians!

With such a talented lyricist working with him, V’s first solo album is bound to be incredible.