BTS’s V Surprises Both ARMYs And SOULTREEs With His Latest, Now-Deleted Instagram Stories

Fanboy to friend—This is our dream come true, too!

BTS‘s V is known for his charming personality, evident from the way he can make friends with about anyone and everyone.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

And his latest Instagram stories prove he is still one of the most social K-Pop idols out there. The stories, which soon became deleted and unavailable, featured a surprise guest: Soloist Park Hyo Shin!

Park Hyo Shin | @parkhyoshin.official/Instagram

In a series of several stories, V and Park Hyo Shin mingled…

…while singing along to Matt Maltese‘s “Less and Less.” Recently, V mentioned both Matt Maltese and Park Hyo Shin in a previous series of Instagram stories—hinting at how he’s a huge fan of both artists. So these new stories are basically a clash of his favorites!

Both ARMYs and SOULTREEs (Park Hyo Shin fans) are pleasantly surprised with the friendship and are now wholeheartedly wishing a collaboration between the two singers in the near future!

Park Hyo Shin (left) with V (right) | @thv/Instagram

Watch V sing Park Hyo Shin’s “Wildflower” like a true fanboy here.

BTS’s V And Jin Broke Out In Singing Park Hyo Shin’s “Wildflower” During “Run BTS!”

Source: Topstarnews and THEQOO

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