BTS’s V Shares Some More Of His Favorite Songs With ARMYs On Instagram

*adds new music to Spotify playlist*

BTS‘s V has always been one to share his music tastes with ARMYs. Now that he has an Instagram account, he’s sharing his favorite songs with his 30.5 million (and growing!) followers.

So get ready to add some more music to your V’s Recommended Songs playlist (we know you have one) because he’s shared some more music to his Instagram story!

1. Ella Fitzgerald’s 5 Original Albums

This wouldn’t be the first time V recommended Ella Fitzgerald’s music to ARMYs. Back in 2020, V uploaded to Weverse recommending the same 5 Original Albums.

Everyone should listen to this album today.

If V’s recommending the same album again, you know it’s one of his favorites.

2. Matt Maltese

V seems to be a fan of Matt Maltese‘s “Less and Less” as he tagged the musician on his story as he used part of his lyrics from the song.

I’m jealous of someone who knew you early🧐”

Matt Maltese even posted to his Instagram and Twitter about the whole encounter!

V even liked the post itself!

Matt Maltese of course had to respond on his own Instagram story as well.

We love seeing V put ARMYs onto new artists!

3. Park Hyo Shin

As Korea is most definitely in the middle of winter, this song seems fitting. V shares that he’s a fan of Park Hyo Shin‘s music with his caption “I’m desperate for a new song” as “Sound of Winter” was released in 2018.

Of course, V sharing the song to his 30.5 million followers on Instagram led to a chain of events as the top 4 search terms were all about Park Hyo Shin’s “Sound of Winter” on MelOn‘s real time search. The power!

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