Koreans Might Be Able To See Their Idols Live In Concerts Soon — Here’s All We Know About The New Updates

Here are the new measures.

As the pandemic has been going on for more than a year, many have been upset at not being able to travel or watch shows in person anymore. Although South Korea has long since lifted complete bans with regards to outdoor sporting events such as baseball games, according to the new updates, concert-goers may have cause for joy soon.

Firstly, from June 14, 2021, onwards, outdoor events held at soccer fields and baseball stadiums will have increased audiences allowed. Cities in South Korea at level 1.5 of social distancing can allow up to 50% capacity of the audience while those at level 2 will be allowed 30%.

Concert halls will now allow up to 4000 people to enter. For reference, the commonly used Jamsil Arena has a capacity of around 11,000 viewers while the Olympic Stadium can house around 69,000.

The measures announced by the government briefing on June 11, 2021, detailed that metropolitan cities will be maintaining level 2 social distancing measures while other cities will be at level 1.5. Private social gatherings are still limited to 5 people maximum for at least 3 more weeks until July 4, 2021.

The social distancing reform plans for the outdoor events and concerts will be slowly pushed out until 70% of seating capacity is allowed for non-metropolitan cities and 50% for metropolitan cities. Social distancing measures will still be maintained, such as wearing masks at all times, no food and drinks, and seats in between parties.

The government will be dispatching staff to venues to ensure that all measures are adhered to at all times.

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