K-Pop Fan Accused Of Stalking ITZY In 3 Different Countries—Taking Pictures Of Them In Their Sleep

Staff asked them to stop, but they ignored them.

ITZY fans are demanding action from JYP Entertainment following allegations of an individual disturbing the members during their flights and hotel stays in Hong Kong, China and Bangkok, Thailand. The JYP girl group traveled there to complete the final stops of their Checkmate world tour.

According to fans on Weibo, the individual has violated the members’ privacy multiple times, taking pictures and asking for autographs, during their stops in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and their flight back to South Korea. Fans are accusing them of buying ITZY’s flight information for their Thailand stop and deliberately getting on the same flights as the group.

The individual is also accused of taking pictures while the five members of ITZY were in the waiting room, with fans saying they were warned to stop multiple times — all of which they ignored.

The list of accusations also includes the individual illegally entering ITZY’s show in Bangkok using a photoshopped PDF of an electronic ticket, with fans saying they were seated near the front of the venue. According to several Weibo posts, they had booked accommodation right next to the members during ITZY’s stay in Hong Kong and even stalked them around the airport lounge to ask for autographs.

The allegations become even more disturbing, with Weibo posts accusing them of taking pictures while the ITZY members were asleep during their flight back to South Korea. They allegedly even snapped photos of ITZY’s luggage and shared the pictures with other people. Fans are also saying they disturbed the ITZY members multiple times while on the plane with the members, “proudly” asking for autographs again.

Screenshots of the alleged stalker’s conversations are also circulating on Weibo. When asked about the situation, the individual stated that they “weren’t a fan of [ITZY]” and thought they would be missing out if they didn’t go to their concerts. They claimed they had the same schedule as ITZY and decided to buy the same flights. They also commented on the photos saying they shared them because people wanted to see them.

I’m really not a fan of them. I just think their concerts are worth going to and I’d be missing out if I don’t go so I went. I had the same schedules so I bought the same flights. You guys want to see photos so I shared them. That’s it.

— Alleged Stalker

| Weibo

Following the concerning accusations blowing up on Weibo and Twitter, ITZY fans have started asking for a response and action from the group’s label JYP Entertainment. MIDZYs started trending “#PROTECTITZY” on Twitter to bring attention to the situation and hopefully have it solved soon.


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