K-Pop Fan Goes Viral For Their “Y/N” Moment With MustB’s Sihoo

Originally, netizens thought she wasn’t for real…

When one enters the K-Pop fandom, there come with it many things, such as staying up late for comebacks, spending too much on merch, and reading fanfiction.

In the fanfiction genre, many revolve around an original character, usually titled “Y/N” (Your Name), representing the reader usually interacting and developing a relationship with one’s bias.

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It has become a joke within the fandom that when anyone has moments with their bias, it’s their “Y/N” moment. Whether it’s “locking eyes” during a concert or being remembered from fanmeeting to fanmeeting, it’s a special moment.

ITZY’s Renjun

A fan recently took it to the next level, though, totally embodying “Y/N.”

Currently, MustB are on their MUSTB UNVEILED: 2022 Latin American Tour. K-Pop fan Ali (@ad09_24 on TikTok) went to one of their recent overseas shows.


Ali shared a vlog of her travels to see MustB, especially her bias Sihoo. She began the video, “surprising my bias while he was on overseas tour.”


When Ali went to the event, it appeared that Sihoo recognized her. He looked up and smiled in her direction.

Additionally, Ali shared a sweet moment in which she reunited with him. The two took pictures together too.

The video went viral on TikTok with 288.9K views, and 88K likes at the time of writing.


Can’t wait to see him again🥺💕 @official_mustb #mustb #muffin #sihoo #kpop #korea #bias #fyp #travel #LENOVOJUSTBEYOU

♬ Just Say It – MustB

Netizens were in disbelief over the interaction, saying it looked more like a genuine “relationship” than that of a fan and their bias.

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Many said that it looked more like Ali was Sihoo’s bias than the other way around.

| @ad09_24/TikTok

And with any viral TikTok video, it ended up on Twitter. It also went viral there with 234K views, and 11.8K likes at the time of writing.

Again, netizens were shook by the plot twist. They confessed that initially, they thought it was a “delelu” post.

Now, many are wondering when it will be their turn.

Ali has since updated, revealing additional videos from her reunion with Sihoo and, of course, the pictures they took!


no one was ever this happy to see me🥺💕 @official_mustb #mustb #muffin #sihoo #kpop #fyp #korea #bias #puertorico

♬ Angel Baby – Slowed – Troye Sivan & xxtristanxo & Slowed Radio


Reply to @jez1673728377 😁💘 @official_mustb #mustb #muffin #sihoo #kpop #fyp #korea

♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

Since Ali’s video went viral, netizens have spoken about how new groups tend to be very friendly with their fans as they are starting. So, they often remember them when they see each other again.

Some have been tempted to start stanning newer groups, such as MustB. So, fans are encouraging those to stan for the “right reasons,” such as their music, rather than just because they’re good at fanservice.

Source: @alidariane, @fairyjunii and @ad09_24

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