K-Pop Fans Demand Min Hee Jin Responds To Accusations Of Leaking HYBE Artists’ Personal Information

Min has only loosely addressed the allegations.

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Amid a fiery dispute within the K-Pop industry, Min Hee Jin—CEO of ADOR and a subsidiary of HYBE—finds herself at the center of severe allegations involving the mishandling of sensitive artist information. Following HYBE’s accusations, Min has made statements that indirectly address the concerns but have left fans clamoring for more clarity and a direct response.

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CEO Min Hee Jin | HYBE

The allegations claim that Min Hee Jin, alongside deputies only identified as CEOs “A” and “B,” leaked critical business and personal details to external parties like foreign investment advisors and private equity firms. This breach reportedly was part of a broader scheme to detach ADOR from HYBE and garner public support against the parent company by negatively influencing HYBE’s public perception.

Reports from Korean media further suggest that the leaked information included private details about artists under HYBE’s management, potentially jeopardizing their public image and personal security.


In response to the uproar, Min Hee Jin released her own statement, in which she named ILLIT as the reason behind her ongoing feud with HYBE. In the statement, Min also loosely addresses the accusations made against her.

HYBE is attempting to use the media to tarnish Min Hee Jin’s name with ridiculous allegations of her trying to steal from HYBE. How can protecting NewJeans’ cultural achievements equate to hurting ADOR’s values and mean that Min Hee Jin is trying to steal ADOR’s executive rights?


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However, this statement has not satisfied K-Pop fans, who are demanding a straightforward denial or acknowledgment concerning the data leakage accusations.

Some fans even argue that Min is using the plagiarism issue to sidestep addressing the core accusations against her.

HYBE vs. ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin

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