K-Pop Fans Are Fiercely Divided After Popular Idol’s Desperate Pleas Get Turned Into A Meme

Some felt it is hypocritical to use him as a meme.

K-Pop idols are usually encouraged to stand up for themselves against those who disrespect them. For example, SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu rejecting a fan’s request and promptly ending the call was universally praised.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Hangs Up On Fan Asking “Inappropriate” Question During Video Call

However, recently, a popular idol’s pleas against an anti-fan were turned into something unexpected, sparking debate.

In mid-February, TREASURE‘s Hyunsuk dealt with an anti-fan who left nasty comments on his livestream. Instead of ignoring it, he spoke directly to them, telling them to continue because he didn’t mind it.

Yo, AISH. Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead. C’mon. Keep going! I personally don’t mind it, you know.

— Hyunsuk

He then asked that people don’t send comments like that to the other TREASURE members or any idol due to the harm it causes them. He explained that while these comments were short and anonymous for the commenter, they would stick with idols for longer.

Stuff like that… You think of it as a joke. Or you say it without thinking twice about it. Or you don’t think it’s a big deal because you’re an anonymous person behind the screen. Not a big deal, right? But honestly, for some people…? For artists? It will stay with them forever. Guys… Don’t do this to the members… No, actually, don’t do this to any artist, please!

— Hyunsuk

He was praised at the time for making this stand; however, days later, a clip of the idol was used for something entirely different.

Netizens began using part of the live where he expressed frustration as a meme, making up scenarios as a joke.

While idols are regularly turned into memes using their content, many felt that using a moment where Hyunsuk was being so raw and honest was wrong.

Hopefully, idols will still stand up for themselves against anti-fans, regardless of the outcome.


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