K-Pop Fans Grow Furious At The Reporter’s “Stalker Behavior” In Her “Taeyeon And Ravi Home Date Video”

“Does this reporter not grasp how serious of a crime stalking is?”

Following the exclusive Joy News reveal about Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon and VIXX‘s Ravi‘s alleged romantic relationship — which both parties have now denied

VIXX’s Ravi (left) with Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon (right). | @kr_now/Twitter

… the reporter, Lee Ye Ji, took to her YouTube channel Simply Reporter Lee and dropped a full four-minute long video, titled “Taeyeon♥Ravi 2 Nights 3 Days Home Date Video”.

“Exclusive Taeyeon♥Ravi 2 Nights 3 Days Home Date Video Reveal”. | 이기자심플리/YouTube

The video shared some “behind-the-scenes” of her team following the two idols around…

| Lee Ye Ji/Joy News

… and in one of the scenes, she proudly mentions that “the Simply Reporter Lee team filmed every entrance” after the “security became even more severe” at Taeyeon’s residential complex.

| 이기자심플리/YouTube

As the video continues to rake in over 570K views, K-Pop fans have grown absolutely furious with the reporter and her team.

What Reporter Lee has done to both Taeyeon and Ravi is and should be considered a crime. It is a violation of privacy, stalking down and illegally filming the two idols — only to vengefully release the video on the internet because they denied what she revealed to be the alleged truth. The worst thing? She doesn’t even know what she has done. Or how it’s disgusting and abusive.

— K-Pop Fan

Many pointed out that the lengths Reporter Lee went is “no different from stalker behavior and a blatant violation of both Taeyeon and Ravi’s privacy“.

  • “Use the energy you have to stalk idols around on writing more honest pieces, Reporter Lee. What is wrong with you? Is this why you became a reporter?”
  • “This gives me all the goosebumps.”
  • “Put yourself in their shoes. How would it feel to be stalked? The public’s right to know? Bullsh*t. Don’t kid yourself. This disgusts me so much, I feel nauseous.”
  • “I hope she gets stalked too, so she could learn how it feels.”
  • “Seriously though. Does this reporter not grasp how serious of a crime stalking is?”
  • “Putting aside the fact that she is a reporter… Just as a decent human being, she should have known that what she was doing was not right. I mean, don’t people usually know where to draw the line?”


Some of Korea’s larger entertainment news sites, like OH MY NEWS and xportsnews, also spoke up about how this particular coverage “has crossed the line” and criticized it for being “peak yellow journalism“.

Reporter Lee was not doing her best to be a true journalist. She was practicing cheap yellow journalism.

Dispatch has made a tradition out of revealing celebrity dating scandals every new year’s day. Like so, some of the press have been seriously abusing “the public’s right to know” as a lame excuse to continue their absurd reporting methods. So yes, maybe it is finally time to change.

— OH MY NEWS Reporter Kim Jong Sung

After denying the dating rumor, Ravi canceled his schedule — likely to avoid creating any more buzz — while Taeyeon shared a subtle “warning” on her social media.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Makes Indirect Post On Instagram After Dating Rumors With VIXX’s Ravi

Source: OH MY NEWS, Xportsnews and theqoo