Can Fans Get Hired At Companies? SM Entertainment Staff Answers The Question

Is it taboo to hire fans?

During an interview on Someply, a high school girl once confessed to MC Lee Seok Hoon that she was studying coding to achieve her loftier dreams. One version of her dream was to get into a big company and marry the CEO’s son. The other was to work at SM Entertainment and marry NCT‘s Jaehyun after dating secretly.

The high school girl making her confession.

While her ambitious statements were taken with good humor, it did beg the question — can idol fans work for K-Pop companies? During a later episode of Someply, Lee Seok Hoon came face-to-face with some SM Entertainment staff. He took the opportunity to ask the golden question.

Long story short, the answer is yes! Fans actually are positively considered for the job.

As understanding of the company and interest in the company are very important, it could have a positive effect.

— SM Entertainment staff

As long as you are good at your job, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be hired! On the other hand, excessive interest that manifests in negative ways, such as sasaeng behavior, will impede your career.