K-Pop Fans Rally To Support Red Velvet’s Wendy With Hastags #ApologizeToWendy And #ThankyouSolar

Fans have been disappointed by the lack of accountability.

Reveluvs have been joined by other fandoms to use the hashtag #ThankyouSolar to thank MAMAMOO‘s Solar for allegedly finding Red Velvet‘s Wendy after she suffered horrifying injuries during SBS Gayo Daejon rehearsals.

Netizens are grateful to Solar for helping Wendy and have also used the opportunity to express disappointment in SM Entertainment‘s handling of the matter, as well as disgust for SBS.

In addition to thanking Solar, they’re also utilizing the hashtag #ApologizeToWendy in hopes of getting justice for the wonderful and talented Red Velvet singer.

Both of the hashtags trended in countries around the world.

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