Dispatch Reveals Shocking Reason Why Red Velvet’s Wendy Fell at SBS Gayo Daejeon Rehearsals

Red Velvet’s Wendy recently suffered severe injuries following a 2.5-meter fall.

In light of Red Velvet Wendy‘s recent stage accident at SBS Gayo Daejeon rehearsals, Dispatch met with a staff member who witnessed the accident and reported on what exactly caused the devastating fall.

Following the sound rehearsals for Aladin OST, “Speechless”, Wendy went up the stairs to the 2nd-floor tunnel as instructed in the script.

She then got ready to walk down the stairs, but the lift stairs did not arrive in time, causing her to lose her balance and fall down the stairs.

The staff member explained that the stairs were not properly prepared for the rehearsals.

The 2nd-floor tunnel was dark and narrow. The lift stairs weren’t ready either. Red Velvet’s Wendy rehearsed in that environment. If they at least put marking tape on the speicified areas, she wouldn’t have fallen.

– Staff Member

And even following the devastating accident, multiple groups also went up to the 2nd-floor tunnel and continued with the show.

Multiple groups went up to the 2nd-floor tunnel even after Wendy’s accident. The news had already spread, so they had to proceed with the show in great anxiousness.

– Staff Member

As a result of the accident, Red Velvet’s Wendy will be focusing on her recovery for the time being, and although SBS made a formal apology Wendy following fans’ outrage, fans are devasted and praying for Wendy’s speedy recovery.


Source: Dispatch

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