K-Pop Fans Show Their Support For #BlackLivesMatter By Making Sure The Hashtag Continues To Trend Worldwide

K-Pop fans using their power for good.

K-Pop fans have been lending their power to the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Two days ago, stans from across different fandoms agreed to not promote their faves in order to keep the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag trending worldwide.


BLACKPINK‘s collaboration with Lady Gaga “Sour Candy” dropped on May 28 but BLINKs, who are known for their diehard displays of support agreed to pause their stanning in order to spread awareness and fight for justice.

It’s not just BLINKs who have been doing their part to keep the hashtag trending and bring more awareness to the social injustice and oppression Black people face every day. NCTzens, Stays, and ARMYs have all pitched in to do their part.

NCT 127

Stray Kids

K-Pop fans aren’t the only ones lending their platform to the cause. Korean celebrities have also been speaking out against systematic racism and supporting Black Lives Matter.

Source: Mashable

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