K-Pop Fans Suspect A Recently Announced Festival Is A “Scam” After Several Inconsistencies

Fans are concerned about potential mismanagement as well.

 Since publishing, CIX’s official Twitter account has reposted a tweet from the organizer.

After compiling evidence before the event, K-POP fans suspect that a recently announced music festival is a scam.

On June 28th, a concert management company called CHK US announced that the K-Pop We Stand concert would be taking place on August 4 and August 6 in two locations in the USA.  CIX, Dreamcatcher, and ONEUS were included in the announcement.


Fans were initially excited to see these groups would return to the United States so soon after having other events here. However, others immediately began pointing out inconsistencies in the announcement and following information released.

First, the organizer shared VIP benefits and ticket tiers, confusing fans with specific details and revealing the tickets would go on sale for the Houston event two days later.


Fans claim that the short time between the announcement and sales is a red flag, especially since the management for each group has not confirmed the information.

ONEUS was also confirmed to attend the Pepsi Summer Festa 2023, which is taking place on August 5, making performance on August 6 in the United States a rapid — though not impossible — turnaround.

Next, due to mistakes made in announcements, CHK US shared that it had deleted all of its previous tweets but that ticket sales would continue as announced.  Fans shared “sketchy” this seemed, especially while reflecting on other information.

Looking at CHK US, it seems they are a legitimate concert production company, and they list out multiple events over the years where they handled camera production and DVD production for groups like ITZY, BTS, and DAY6.

On their Instagram account, there are also behind-the-scenes looks at production for more concerts.

| CHK US website

While the company may be legitimate, fans say their proven inexperience may not work well. Over the last year, mismanagement by inexperienced concert organizers has left fans and idols burned.

In late 2022, OMEGA X‘s tour promoter, MC Entertainment, was accused of mismanagement before revealing the abuses the group suffered at the hands of their company, while fans exposed the same organizer for “scamming” during E’LAST’s tour.

MC Entertainment Exposes Spire Entertainment After Working With Them For OMEGA X Tour

Tickets are currently on sale for the Houston event, with no word on when the event for New Jersey will be sold.