K-Pop Fans Voice Intense Outrage Toward The Korean Police For Finding Park Kyung “Guilty Of Defamation”

“The police is f*cking useless.”

On June 17, 2020, the Korean police announced that after months of investigation, the chart manipulation accusation case of Block B‘s Park Kyung has been handed over to prosecution…

Block B’s Park Kyung

… after they found him guilty of defamation, as per the Korean Information and Communication Network Act. The Seoul Seongdong Police Station commented, “We have concluded that Park Kyung did in fact spread false information [about the artists directly mentioned in his tweet].”

Seoul Seongdong Police Station

Since November 2019, Park Kyung has been actively taking part in the investigation — to the extent that he postponed his military enlistment so he could be questioned. His unapologetic and confident attitude left K-Pop fans feeling confident that he could get to the bottom of the controversial chart manipulation problem in the industry. In fact, Park Kyung inspired a whole Unanswered Questions episode covering the controversy which got his industry colleagues to speak up against such practice too.

Park Kyung’s case covered on “Section TV”

Hence, the outcome against Park Kyung has K-Pop fans unpleasantly surprised and ultimately outraged at the police for “failing to investigate the case thoroughly”.

  • “You know, because of this, no one with the influence is going to speak up about things like this from now on, ever. Help Park Kyung.”
  • “What the f*ck man, who is going to speak up against chart manipulations now then? The practice going to take over the industry.”
  • “What…? This is insane. This outcome is only going to pressure the society to keep remaining silent about issues…”
  • “Of course. Korea is the best country to live if you’re an absolute criminal.”
  • “What do you mean there is no evidence? There have been discoveries made of agencies that do this professionally. The police is f*cking useless.”
  • “I guess this is why people don’t ever speak up about controversies anymore.”

Many are looking for ways to keep supporting Park Kyung through the legal battle:

  • “F*ck chart manipulations.”
  • “This is shocking, really… It’s like everyone knows but no one can talk about it?”
  • “Is he getting penalized for calling out chart manipulation like it is?”
  • “We need to help Park Kyung.”
  • “Where is the integrity? These people. LMAO.”
  • “What the f*ck do they mean though? The police needs to get their sh*t together.”

Park Kyung has not yet made any statement about the outcome of his case. Regardless, K-Pop fans continue to “stand by his side”, disagreeing with the authority’s verdict.

Source: Herald Corp and THEQOO

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