Park Kyung Was Voluntarily Questioned By The Police For His Previous Chart Manipulation Accusations

It’s been over 3 months since the initial tweet.

BLOCK B‘s Park Kyung has voluntarily handed himself over to the police to be questioned about his recent accusations against other artists for chart manipulation.

Back in November 2019, Park Kyung tweeted a list of artists and accused them of manipulating music chart rankings. His tweets quickly gained traction and became controversial. He soon deleted the tweet but the artists who he named have filed lawsuits against him for defamation.

Park Kyung was originally supposed to be questioned by the police but had been delayed due tot he recent outbreak of the coronavirus in South Korea. He had also delayed his military enlistment in order to attend the investigations. He was originally scheduled to enlist in January.

Over 3 months since the initial tweet, Park Kyung has finally been questioned by the police. He voluntarily reported to the police station to participate in the investigation.

His agency confirmed that he was fully cooperative and plans to continue doing so until the truth is revealed.

On the 9th, Park Kyung voluntarily reported to the Seongdong Police Station to be investigated for his alleged violation of the information and communications network law.

The investigation date has been severely delayed due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19, but Park Kyung plans to honestly participate in any questioning and investigative requests in the future as well.

— Seven Seasons

His agency stands by Park Kyung as they revealed that they have hired the best legal team for Park Kyung in hopes that the truth about chart manipulations could be unveiled.

Source: Osen

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